Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dont flush your potential down the drain!

What a WEEK!!! Where do you start? The witch hunt is in full effect! Why is it NOW news that another Big Baller is alleged to have beaten his wife to the point of fractured bones back in JULY? Why wasn't that important 3 months ago? Why now?

Because if you've as much as kicked a kitten and someone saw you do it, and you have any sport that is in season affiliation, you are on blast!

Jonathan Dwyer, Chris Rainey, whether you are accused, convicted or there is just a whisper, teams are cutting their losses before you become headline news.

DeSean Jackson has been accused of off the field gang affiliations, and once again, I implore you men with potential, get your Playbook!  Chapter 8 warns you about family members, friends, hanger-ons, and homeboys who you knew before you were big time. "Just remember, some of their asses are downright scary and dangerous and if it takes a gated community and some bodyguards for them to get the message, you better handle that!"

It covers things like how to cut those homeboys you grew up with loose, and how important it is to get out of volatile relationship s before you end up, once again in, "...the Land of Zero Endorsements, possible jail time and Forgotten Future Earnings Hell!"

Stop running blind, if you have a few skeletons, the muckrakers are digging as we speak! Get your Playbook, or get played!

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