Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Ballers are dropping like flies this week! It would seem that Jerry Jones has been photographed in a compromising position, and now is being threatened with a sexual harassment suit from a stripper.


Although it sounds like his behavior typifies that of most men in a strip club, the media has jumped on this new horse, and are trying to whip it into a frenzy!

Don't fall for the hype. He needs his own Playbook, if he had read up on it, he would know you're never too old or too rich to get a HANDLER!

Chapter Five warns you immediately, that YOU ARE ALWAYS ON BLAST NOW! It says, "You need to understand your new reality today, no matter who you are. Whether you are a barber with your own shop, a New Car Salesman, a College Graduate with your first entry level position, an intern on Capitol Hill, you have potential and there is lAteral Kittycat out there we'll aware of it."

Chapter 12 tells you how to PROTECT YOURSELF! It says up front, "Until you get it into your head that Self Protection is a 24 hour, you need a Handler!

Get your playbook today at Amazon.com, or get played!


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