Monday, September 8, 2014

He needed the Playbook...

This week's entry for "Who Needs This Book" is Mr. Ray Rice. A companion book that will help women facing a life with the wrong man will be published this winter, it is tentatively titled "Pass That Puppy Along". Every week, we will look at the new mess some man has gotten himself in, that could have been negated or lessened by reading and following the Playbook.

This week's sighting is Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens Running Back. He was just released and suspended indefinitely by the Baltimore Ravens after video of the domestic violence incident against his then Fiancee (Presently his wife?) emerged recently on TMZ.

In the book, Taming the Feral KittyCat, it clearly shows 2 cardinal errors were made by Mr. Rice that may have been avoided with a knowledge download.

The first is once again, Chapter 12, which tells every Big Baller to 'Protect Yourself'. No doubt, Mr. Rice needed, and still needs, a HANDLER. If you have a tendency to get caught up and act without thinking, you need a Handler.

The second was the breakdown of the team you are up against, in this case the outcome speaks for itself. For a woman to move forward and marry a man who has publicly on tape hit her SO hard he knocked her out cold, speaks for itself.

That chapter ends with a cautionary, timely note:

"REMEMBER: Being a Big Baller ONLY works if you still have your ability intact to MAKE MONEY!!!"

Earlier, in this same Chapter, we stressed extra caution, lest bad decisions land one in "...the 'Land of Zero Endorsements, possible jail time and Forgotten Future Earnings Hell!'

Both Mr. Rice and his wife need separate counseling, because there is a dual problem, in his violence, and her acquiescence and acceptance of it to the point that she married him in spite of the fact he had assaulted her so callously.

Last week, it was San Francisco's Aldon Dean, this week, it's Mr. Rice. Who's next? Get a Handler. Get your Playbook. It's straight talk that can save you a lot of trouble now OR later.

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