Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Week's Free Playbook Winner!

You CAN write this stuff! People always say, "You can't WRITE this stuff!" When something unbelievably dumb happens to someone that they could have prevented. But alas, you can teach ignorant, but you can't teach stupid. It's way past the time to stop calling things politically correct when it can save a person's career, personal relationships and maybe their or someone else's life!

If you have a friend that needs some direction, or you're a mother sick of hearing about those 'Skeezers' your girlfriend says her son keeps bringing around, or maybe your friend  just wasn't raised well and told about these things, get them a Playbook. It won't solve all their problems, but it goes a LONG way in speaking to their particular form or brand of stupid.

This week's Free Playbook Winner is? Thank God it's a white boy this week! Michael Phelps.

Let me get this straight. Having been through this 'No...allow ME to mess up my life, PLEASE!" place and weathered it, why, why, WHY would you get yourself back in that same spot again? Were you out with friends? Cause if you were and they let you leave where ever you were in the condition you were in, you need some new ones. Putting yourself and others at risk going 80 mph through the Tunnel, changing lanes? Were you TRYING to get caught? Even if people didn't know you, doing this in a white Range Rover couldn't have been too smart! You KNOW they dimed you out! By the way, there's a cut off at either end of the tunnels where the PoPo are, watching out for our safety, thank the Lord!

Chapter 7 talks about the "Ref's" in your life. "The Homeboys and Homegirls you grew up with, the Entourage that somehow thinks they have the same juice and flow that YOU do, by ASSOCIATION. They will drop your name to get better parking, into the VIP and any number of upgrades." You need some new friends. And if it was family, you need to listen when they intervene. When you hire HELP to give you a service you listen to them, cause you want to get your money's worth! Just like you get a financial planner to handle your money, a bodyguard to protect your body, MOST men nowadays need a HANDLER to protect them from stupid decisions.

Because this is another case of a grown man needing a HANDLER! A Handler would have known the signs and either driven you home, or called that Limo Service they have on speed dial, got you into it and sent you home without a fuss, and then had your car towed back to your place or the dealership for a mechanical problem. It doesn't matter if the car is okay, get your 'Alibi in case Stupid tags along' together!  The Handler covers your ass so you don't have to! They don't get caught up, they solve problems!

And you listen to your Handler because...? You got it! Because you don't want to end up in the "Land of Zero Endorsements, possible jail time and Forgotten Future Earnings HELL!" So, if you know Michael, tell him to inbox me, and I'll get him his book. It may save him some trouble to come from Feral KittyCats, cause those heifers can smell blood in the water, and they strike when you're at your lowest!

If you don't have your Playbook, GET one! Or risk flushing your POTENTIAL right down the drain.

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